Natural Body & Soul is a Portuguese brand dedicated to the production of Therapeutic Pillows for pain relief and general comfort

The Natural Body & Soul project was designed with the mission of bringing well-being and pain relief to you and your family, with a natural product.

The Therapeutic Therapeutic Pads of Natural Olive & Body Pits alleviate your pain and still provide you with a fantastic relaxation effect!

They have a thermotherapy function, as they work through heat or cold. Plus, they even adapt to your body!

As a result, our therapeutic pillows are used in different types of therapies and massage centers. And you can also use them in your home!

The right and most environmentally friendly choice to replace the hot water bottle.

The Therapeutic Therapeutic Pads of Natural Olive & Body Pits are a natural, recyclable and biodegradable product. And they are proudly made by hand!

The filling of our therapeutic pillows consists of washed and crushed olive stones, which can also contain natural herbs, such as lavender or rosemary.

We have several sizes and patterns.

Visit us and see everything we have to offer.

XS Wrist support | Eyes | Headaches
S Tendinites | Pain in knees and shoulders
M Insomnia | Menstrual and Back Pain
L Strains and Pains in the Cervical and Neck
Baby Baby colic

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Onde comprar as nossas Almofadas Térmicas Terapêuticas
Conheça os vários tamanhos, padrões e tipos de utilização das almofadas terapêuticas

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We present you a list with some of the best stores to buy the Natural Body & Soul Olive Stone Therapeutic Pads.

And we have a bit of everything, we gather Pharmacies, Parapharmacies, Herbs, Orthopedics Stores, Health Products Stores, Geriatrics Stores, Alternative Therapy Spaces

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